Tattoo Quotation

How much is it?

The cost of the session is $180 / hour. This is also the minimum amount per job. The appointment will be made upon payment of a security fee in the amount of R$ 180. This amount will be deducted from the total amount of the work and the remainder of the mandatory amount will be paid by the beginning of the session.

When do I see my drawing?

The design / part will be presented on the day of the session. If necessary to adjust the design or something in it, this will be done before the session starts.

  • I work with organic figures, faces, animals, skulls and flowers, for example. It is important that you know my illustration line, to understand what kind of work you will have tattooed.
  • I only work with original parts! No copies. References to guide the creation are welcome.


Each artist develops aptitude for a job category. I joined blackwork and trash polka, as they are styles with which I have more affinity.

The isolated typography of the composition is not the focus of my work, so I do not apply texts. As well as realistic images and small symbols.

I only work with black and red.

I do not carry out any type of coverage.

I don’t tattoo over scars.

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Belo Horizonte/MG/BR